Tips in Choosing Toys for Your Dog

Toys for Your Dog

Aside from having a decent home and regular feeding, dogs need to spend some time with you, too.

Bonding time is an important part of a dog’s day, especially because dogs are social animals by nature. Apart from taking your dog for a walk everyday, playing with your dog indoors will also strengthen your relationship with your pet and improve your dog’s mood and, as a result, its health.

You can purchase various dog toys in pet stores. But, just as you would be careful in choosing toys for your kids, you should also be meticulous in selecting a toy for your dog. Being picky in choosing a dog toy is necessary particularly because dogs put these toys in their mouths – therefore gets a higher risk of ingesting dangerous substances, or poisonous chemicals if the wrong toys were handed to them.

Here are some tips you may find useful in choosing the right toy for your beloved pet dog:

Read the label on the toy. No matter how fun-looking the dog toy is, you should not be easily deceived by looks. Read the label if the toy contains deadly chemicals that may harm your dogs. These chemicals include lead, vinyl, bisphenol A, and phthalates. These toxins could risk your dog’s life when ingested.

Choose the right size of the toy. Toy sticks and small toy balls can be dangerous to your dogs, too, because they might easily be swallowed. Just to be safe, steer clear of stick toys and small-sized dog toys.

Avoid buying rope toys for your pet. Rope toys can seem like a lot of fun, especially that you can use it to play tug with your dog. However, some vets advise against using these because the strands of the rope might be swallowed by the dogs. There are some cases where the rope strands were removed by means of surgical procedures.